Monday, June 16, 2008


I watched the movie Jumper last night. I thought over all the movie was entertaining, but it was the concept, not the movie that interested me. What if you could jump from one place to another anywhere on earth at any moment you wanted. I think this would be the greatest super power to ever exist. You could see anything You could eat lunch in Venice on a boat in the streets, then take a nap on the Grand Canyon (unless you are an active sleeper and roll over a lot, then that could be bad). After nap, you could sit on top of Mt. Everest to cool off, then off to Stonehenge to write a blog. Then dinner in Iceland. I haven't been far in my life. I went to Scotland on my honeymoon, and Canada a billion times, but other than that no where. I have never seen the ocean except for in a plane, I haven't seen much, so this concept is pretty cool for me. I think I would be like a Robin Hood kind of dude. I would jump in to the wealthy life and take some cash, then jump over to Uganda and drop it off. And probably bring some orphaned kids back with me. The movie failed because it took a great concept and a real chance to show something different, like the kid helping someone and instead it played to the American revenge and get rich mind. There was this scene where he was watching TV and it was live and someone was stuck somewhere with their life in jeopardy and he walked right out of the apartment. But the dude took every opportunity to rob every bank he could find. Quite a shallow failure on the film maker's part, but what do you expect from Hollywood. What would you do if you had this power?


  1. Haven't seen this one yet. I'm on hols for a couple of weeks soon so I might get it and have a look.
    The Hulk is my next film...

  2. Of course if you do jump into Uganda and jump out with some orphan children, you can just jump to my place and drop a couple off. The more the merrier right?

    Of course even if you did jump back over here with some orphans, the bigger question is how are you going to jump through all of the red tape. That stuff is sticky.

  3. speaking of taking cash to Uganda, you ever wonder why there are so many ridiculously wealthy people in the world, yet so many in devastating poverty?

    when i think of all the celebrities who make $50 Million a year, they could easily travel to Africa, Asia, South America, into impoverished nations and give even half of what they make in just one year to build homes, irrigation systems, food, medical supplies, etc.

    just a thought.