Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Fathers Day Surprise!!! ---At Least For One Of Us

Hey friends in the electric biosphere, I have been so busy lately with school, work, family, and everything that eats away fun, that I have not been to your blogs very much. I am sorry, I regret not having enough time right now and miss reading about what is going on in everyone's lives and what God is doing in yours. I am trying, so if you haven't heard from me in a while, be sure you are still in my prayers and thoughts and am glad to have you as friends. I am trying to catch up, but there are many so please be patient with me as I try to be a good friend.
Anyhizzle, life is going pretty well right now, the kids are doing OK, although Aevry has has several poop throwing incidents in the last 2 weeks and Caeden told my mother that she could get a Red Winds Championship shirt too because they come in "Fat sizes too". Mom was not offended because she couldn't stop laughing for long enough, like when you are fighting with someone and something funny is said and you can't be mad anymore. Like that.
So a certain family member of mine approached me months ago telling me their intentions of getting me a photograph of my father since I have never before seen him. I replied "No, Please do not." I had just gone through this whole finding my sister thing, then being rejected by her and stuff song and dance and did not want to look stupid anymore. So I begged the family member not too as she promised me that he would never know he had been photographed because they had a guy. I should have known then to say no, anyone who has a guy is bad news. But this guy was supposed to be a retired private investigator and she assured me his legitimacy, so I reluctantly agreed then forgot all about it. Until last week when this relative handed me an envelop with pictures in it. I looked and there he was, posing in front of several prized possessions. His John Deer, a motor home, an enormous yard. I looked, then questioned. How did this relative's "guy" get these posed for pictures especially when he was supposed to do this "Without him knowing." I probed, well Laura did. "How per chanced did you get these photags of this dude in various poses?" "Well," the relative said, "He just went to the front door and said, pictures for a fathers day surprise and the guy happily obliged him." I probed more, well Laura did, "Exactly what will happen when he doesn't get any pictures for any Fathers Day surprise?" "I don't know."
I am thankful for the pictures, I have always wondered what he looked like and wanted to put a face on this monster I had built in my head, but to tell you the truth, I looked at the photos and I was unimpressed. The guy looked like a normal guy, he looked a lot like me. I was a bit disappointed. I think I wanted to see this devil of a guy with no real humanity attached so I can reaffirm my hatred that I struggle with daily for him. But I got this normal looking guy that left a kid behind without blinking. A normal unimpressive guy who drives John Deer tractors and loves the family he hung around for. Anyway, that's my week.


  1. sorry all of that has to be done just to see his face. I really am. hope you're doing ok...
    I was just thinkin last week how I won't see mine. how my friend lost hers and is about to lose her mom. life is

  2. Sounds like a lot going on man...
    Kids do the strangest things sometimes!

  3. the "fat sizes too" killed me!!! as did the poop throwing news. i think your kids are hilarious just from reading those.

    i empathize with you and your situation with your father. i'll be praying for you.

  4. Fat sizes... gotta love kids. HEHE