Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Is it a sign of age to grow more chest hair? I looked down today to find a forest worthy of dreadlocks. Maybe not that bad, I actually have less chest hair than the average guy, but for me, any is a lot. So I have been thinking about balance. As a young boy, I used to walk across the tops of swing-sets. The higher the better, but I remember the first time I got cocky and fell and nearly broke my ribs. As a young adult, I worked construction, and once fell three stories through the skeleton of the house to the basement floor from the roof. I survived, but could have been killed. I trip up the stairs almost every time I walk up them, Sometimes I really smash my shins. If I am not careful, I get hurt. Same with everything else, we need balance. I have been having a hard time getting adjusted since I began school again. It is a huge, new thing that takes a lot of time and I am having a hard time juggling on two feet. So I notice some tripping and falling going on. I get cocky, then fall. Pride comes before a fall, ask me any time, I will testify to it. Pride is the killer of talent and potential. It seems, the more talented you are at what you do, the less interested you get, the bigger stage you need to be faithful. This is true everywhere, especially the church. Very talented people in the church fall more easily because they allow arrogance to creep in. They jump from place to place living off the compliments of others who are dazzled by their talent, then when it gets old and boring, they leave usually hurting a lot as they go. This is imbalance too. We are sometimes not able to balance the positive with the negative. Some are killed by criticism, some are killed by compliments. One sounds more fun, but in both cases you die. Balance is difficult. There have been times when I think I can do anything I set my eyes on, and there are times when I do not believe I can accomplish another breath. Remain humble, but be confident in yourself. Be aggressive, but not at the expense of others. Turn the other cheek, but do not let others abuse you. Serve your church, but not at the expense of your family. In all of these things, there is a fine line that if crossed can ruin you. Off subject though, is it OK to laugh when someone trips, but doesn't get hurt?


  1. Hey there,

    I wanted to answer your question on my bloggy. They are called For His Glory Adoption Outreach . They only work in Haiti. You can google them. How is that for an ironic name? We are not the first people to be caught up in a mess with them.

    I will however reccommend other agencies to you taht helped us both with our domestic and Russian adoptions. They ROCKED.

    For Russia we used Adoption Ark
    www.adoptionark.com (they work in many other countries too)
    For domestic we used www.uniqueadoptions.com . Both of these agencies are very much in it for the kids and are very ethical.

  2. Oh sorry... that post above is freom "wife to the Rockstar" from storing up treasures... I posted under my group bloggy by accident.