Friday, May 9, 2008


Right foot Left foot repeat.

I used to walk the city at night two blocks over to 12th St. Then up to Vine St. then over the tracks to 5th St. Back to Oak then home. I did this most nights. The liquor store was on the way, and so was the bar, or many bars. Wyandotte, Michigan is weird because they have more bars and churches per square mile than any other city outside of Detroit in Michigan. There are literally churches and bars in peoples houses. I would walk for hours drunken around the city looking into peoples windows as I passed by. I used to wonder wish I were inside their homes watching TV, eating dinner, decorating the Christmas tree. Christmas was the hardest time for me, it never really felt good until I met Laura and started going to her families. Christmas made me sad. I had great Christmas' growing up, so I have no idea why they made me sad, but they did. I remember a Christmas Eve, I went to a midnight mass to listen to the choir sing while loaded, I left and sang in the streets while walking around the city looking at the Christmas lights. I sang like a guy on death row, not like a guy that one the lottery. I just walked and watched through the windows as people celebrated Christmas with their families. The windows outside were frosty, but the inside was full of warmth. I always wanted to be on the warm side of those windows and now I am. It is better inside than out. There is no point to this blog but to remember out loud who I used to be.


  1. Hey man, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Christmas. It's been eight years since I spent that time with family as I have always had to work and they live more than 400km away.
    On the flipside I have spent many Christmases with my best mate's family which while it's not the same is pretty good.
    There was one Christmas (2006) that was pretty awful though, but I won't go into it at the moment.

  2. i love the imagery in this post.

    it reminded me of a conversation i had with a coworker who said the very same thing about Rochester, NY - that there are nothing but pubs and churches everywhere. and she joked "go to the pub, get drunk, then go to confession!" LOL.

    holidays make me sad also. i think it's because i feel lonely during them.

  3. "Memories" I think that is what a blog is all about :) Great Post Bro.