Thursday, May 22, 2008

We Should Start A New Party

I do not like our choices for President this election. Therefore I do not like our chances. I do not like the Republican Party and I do not like the Democratic Party. And I am terrified of the Independents. So I do not like my chances. I shall tell you why.
Republicans: I don't like war. I don't think that so much of our tax money should be spent on being the strongest country in the world, but instead how about being the kindest. If someone pisses us off or tells us no, we bomb them and kill their civilians as if those lives aren't worth our presidents. I do not like the capitalistic tendencies of the RP either. It is all about making more and more money and forget about helping those that can't make it or do not wish to give their lives away for it. Health care will stay the same with RP's in office and that isn't going to cut it because as the doctors and insurance Co's get richer off of gouging each other, those that can't afford insurance get no, or really poor health care. They need to go to the ER for asthma medication or antibiotics for the flu. Mccain, you are an ego-maniac and you can't win because you were a war hero. I like your courage to speak your mind, but I do not like a lot what you are saying.

Democratic Party- Plain and simple, you kill babies. Call the babies what you want, their hearts are beating, they are alive. On top of killing the future, you choose to vote against bill after bill to do away with abortion that takes place in the birth canal and collapses a conscious babies skull. This is murder. You scream the loudest about the Iraq war, yet sign bills that make abortion the preferred method of contraception, even and especially in teenagers. It is not a woman's right to choose to kill her live baby. Just as it isn't the fathers right to choose to abandon that baby once born. Even in cases of incest and rape which make up less than 1% of abortions. How is making 2 victims out of one going to help, when their are millions who would love to adopt a baby. You also make up global crisis' to smoke screen the American people and get them to vote how you want them to vote. You say you are humanitarians, yet aren't helping anyone but yourselves, and using your time and money bashing the RP's instead of putting your money where your mouth is. Obama, I hate what you said about the Religious and poor. You are ignorant and have no idea or care about the majority of the people you wish to govern over. You have an agenda that is contrary to most Americans and have stated that you wish to change everything and carry that out. Except your agenda calls for more baby killing, the restrainment of religion, and taxes that will fatten your pockets more and impoverish the people. Hillary, you think you can run the country because you were married to the President? You haven't even run a business, or your own household. I haven't forgotten the sneer you gave Pres. Bush as He addressed the country right after 911. I haven't forgotten that your limo driver hit a 911 clean-up worker, and you got out, saw him alive and then drove away. I haven't forgotten that your husband sold military secrets to the Chinese.

Independents- You are scary, scary people.

PS. I still love you Mccain, Obama, and Hillary (as if you were reading this). I think all three of you are intelligent and somewhat genuine people. I do not think however that any of you would make a good president. I guess I am just angry that I do not have anyone I feel compelled to vote for this election. Anyway, I could be wrong.


  1. Thank You. I miss reading yours.

  2. Adam at least you don't have to vote mate. Compulsory down here. I think those primary contests go on far too long as well.

  3. Could not agree more..

  4. Way to stay strong... especially at the end.

    But as you say ... don't fear the three of them ... fear the independents. They could be your hairdresser ... your neighbor ... heck! they could be reading this blog RIGHT NOW.

    I have to go. I am getting nervous.