Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not A Loaded Question

What do you think about human cloning? I have been studying the Human Genome Project in Biology. I intrigues me a bit. I used to against it, just because I didn't and still do not think that humans have the right to try to play God, but what if cloning is a solution to problems and has been given to us by God. It is weird because some religions won't take medicine because they feel that God is enough and He is, but most others look at modern medicine as a gift given from God. What if cloning and the ability to change problematic genes is also a gift. I have no opinion on this so it isn't a loaded question I am just thinking out loud.


  1. Adam,

    As you said we can not play God. The Catholic Church teaches that we can not preform a sin to make a greater good from it.

    The sin in this situation would be to create life artifically where as making ourselves equal with God.


  2. I agree with Renee.

  3. Adam, my position on cloning is not a firm one but it is tied in with stem cell research somewhat.
    I think if science can help people improve their lives and quality of life where health is concrned they should go for it. I don't agree with cloning for harvesting, I want to make that clear. But with stem cells if they can cure diabetes, cancers, whatever then it has to be a good thing. As someone with a chronic condition I would hope something can be uncovered in the future from such research.

  4. hmm...great questions. i do somewhat agree with what everyone has written above. sometimes i wonder how much of human "intelligence" and craftiness is from God, and how much is our own arrogance and desire for more power and control. i think cloning may be over the line because it violates God's natural principles and His design for life. in those cases, we are doing the creating of life, not Him, and i don't think we were meant to have that power.

    BUT then again, some could say the same about in-vitro fertilization that a lot of couples use to have children. i'm not sure of the Christian implications on that though, so please feel free to enlighten me.

    it's really something that i guess only God Himself could speak to us about individually. like you said about medications, a lot of people in different religions (even some Christians) will rely solely on God to cure them instead of taking advantage of modern medicine. is that displaying a total faith and trust in God, or is that being unwise and not using resources He has provided? if i get cancer, should i just pray for my health to return, or should i opt for chemo? does taking medicine cancel out my faith in God's abilities to heal?

    i honestly have no idea...something to pray about though.