Monday, May 12, 2008

Laura Is Now Also A Dinosaur

It is Laura's birthday today! And for Laura's birthday I will tell an embarrassing story about myself. When I first met Laura at a wedding, I was completely controlled by her beauty. I like to tell everyone that I kept catching her looking at me, but in reality it took me looking at her to notice her looking at me. She was gorgeous and everyone in the entire reception hall knew it. None of the guys could keep their eyes off of her, they would be sitting there telling each other that they were going to ask her to dance, but they were too scared, so was I. Lucky for me she wasn't and she asked me to dance. I got her phone number which she hesitated to give me by the way, I still do not know why. I usually follow the rule that you wait 3 days to call a girl you meet, so they think you aren't thinking too much about them, it shows them you respect yourself. But with Laura, I had to call the next day, I was controlled by her. I called, her grandma answered and said she wasn't home. So later I called again, then again until Laura called me back telling me she had received all of the dozens of messages I left. I took her out the following Friday. We went to the cider mill, then drove around all night long talking. She was perfect. I wrote in my journal that I would marry her, and I did, I would have been crazy not to. But the dumb part was that bought new clothes for her. I was a normal dressed guy. I didn't dress up ever, but I thought for her I would need to she was that pretty, so I went to Express for men, not knowing that store was strictly for Metrosexuals. I looked at the mannequins and assumed they had it right, so I bought what was on the mannequins. I really should not have done that. Because I was informed months later of how hideously dressed I was while we dated early on. Especially this one particular green sweater that was skin tight and could be stretched for like a mile if you pulled it. I hated that sweater when I bought it, but the mannequin assured me that she would think it was sexy. I hate that stupid mannequin. Laura walked down the aisle with me a couple of years later in the this beautiful white dress as the piper silenced and all attention was on her. She was the most beautiful woman in the city and everyone knew it. I was lucky, standing there in my kilt looking dumbfounded as I could not wait for her to reach me. Today, 7 years later I still stand dumbfounded, she is still the most beautiful women in the world and everyone knows it. I am the blessed one.


  1. all i can do is smile :-) what a beautiful account of your journey with Laura. how blessed you two are to have each other.

    and the green sweater thing KILLED me!

  2. precious! and hilarious about mens express. Happy Birthday Laura!

  3. It seems like we both married way over our heads Bro. God bless you two. And Happy Birthday Laura.

  4. That is so precious. Glad there are other happy married people out there.

    PS. I got the banner at