Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Time Travel Idea

I had a small group tonight. It was a late one, I host a small group at my house for people on the afternoon shift starting at 11 PM, so it gets a little loopy and interesting. So we get into this conversation about Y2K. Yes I know that scare is over, but we were talking about how much of a big sham it was, people buying water and food by the case, getting generators hooked into their homes. We remembered that they used to say you can set your computer backwards 100 years to trick your computer into thinking it wasn't the year 2000. That led to this awesome idea. What would happen if you set your computer backwards for 100 years and went to Google or whatever and you get on the front page news part news form 100 years ago. Like Abe Lincoln gets shot or something. That would be weird. I know we are supposed to be talking about Jesus and stuff like that, but the idea of computer time travel was irresistible to us. Anyways, it has been a very long day: Got up at 6:15 AM after going to sleep at 12:30 AM, worked all day, did some stuff, then had the small group. It is now 2:38 AM and I am writing a blog. What is my problem, what would be so wrong with me going to bed and actually sleeping for a change. It isn't as if I were missing something like this huge party that happens when I close my eyes. OK, I am going to go to sleep, goodnight or good morning to those that are reading this now.

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  1. I understand your sleeping issues. I have them too. Especially before work 6am start- need to get up at 4:25, still awake at 1 or 2...I know it's not logical. Then I get tired and a bit irrational. I end up crashing in some mid week nap on the couch..waking up not knowing where I am.
    I find that laying down to bed is so final...and I lay there almost panicked by it. Like I'm missing something. It's nice to hear someone else shares some sleep issues...but for your sake I pray you have Peace at night.