Thursday, April 10, 2008


What is the reality of being a Christian? We believe that something unseen created everything, we believe that water flooded the world and separated the continents, we believe Moses parted the Red Sea in half, we believe that a virgin had a baby, who was God and rose form the dead, we believe that a donkey spoke to a man, we believe that the dead were raised at the moment of Jesus' resurrection. We believe a lot of things, but you know what is more unbelievable than any of those things? That a man would create itself naturally over millions of years. That is absurd, in fact any other explanation other than God is absurd. But you know what is really weird about faith in Jesus? It doesn't change everything. It doesn't change the sadness you feel, it gives you hope for something better, it doesn't change our illnesses and death, it gives us spiritual healing and sometimes physical. It doesn't change your desire to sin or even the frequency of it, but it washes it away, clean. It won't make you smile all the time, but it will make you smile sometimes. It won't always make you know what God wants from us, but there is a book that helps. It never promised an easy road, but it promised a road that is worth while and a happy destination and a whole lot of happy along the way. Some Christians walk around all the time with nothing but joy and if that is real, than I envy and pray for that. For those of us that struggle, and bleed, we have a hope of better things. God has given us hope of being repaired. For those that are sad, God desires to wipe away the tears, but still there is always a time for crying. For those struggling with illness, we may get sicker, and we may die, but to be with Christ in person is better than life. You won't be rich with wealth because your a believer, but God gives us riches of a different kind. I am rich, I am rich, we are rich.


  1. I love the way you write.
    Christianity is every bit as much about suffering and sorrow, as it is about grace, hope, and love isn't it?

  2. Well said my friend! No more comment needed :)