Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Most Hated Phrase

I'm going green. I am so sick of hearing this. Like if they were actually turning green, would be the only acceptable excuse for saying this. Unless you are turning into the hulk or the Jolly Green Giant, stop telling people you are turning into my favorite color. Now some of my friends will ask, "I thought blue was your favorite color?" The answer? "That was before I decided to go green". I am joking of course. I did change my mind though. The dumb thing about it is I like the fact that people are consuming less and more responsibly, it just bothers me when people are hypocritical about it. Some things are OK and others are not. You can't say you are green and drive a gas guzzling vehicle. I drive a mini-van because I have too many children, but you won't catch me lecturing anyone on consuming less. You can't be for animal rights and wear leather shoes or carry a leather purse. You can't be anti-war and be pro-abortion. Be consistent. If you hate violence, hate all violence. I do. I hate it. I hate war, I hate abortion, I hate corporate killing through a capitalistic country, I hate unfair trade both here and overseas. I think the lives of the Iraqis are just as precious as the lives of Americans. I I think Jesus loves terrorists and extremists just as much as He loves fundamentalists. If you are for love, be for love for everyone, not just your friends, that's easy, but your enemies too.


  1. I have trouble loving everyone. There are people I can't seem to find forgiveness for and others I find easy to forgive, I dont know why.

    Also, doesn't the Bible talk of war ? As in it's ok if you are fighting on behalf of your faith? I'm not sure..but I thought so?

  2. It talks about war a lot. God sent people into war in the Old Testament all the time, but it was for different reasons, but in the New Testament it speaks of love, of turning the other cheek. I really don't know how i feel about war at all. I hate violence completely. But speaking of the holocaust, I cannot say that war did not stop more Jews from being gassed. In Iraq, Hussein was murdering thousands of innocent people, I can't say that war didn't stop that. It just seems like there may be other ways to solve our problems other than hitting back all the time. My mom used to tell me if someone hits you, hit them back, but doesn't this breed another hit from the other kid? I think maybe we should examine all other forms of correction before deciding to use violence. Not sure God's point of view though.

  3. God bless you Adam :) Green is one of my favorite colors... schartruse (don't know how to spell it) HAHA!
    Cool how a little phrase can get a good rant going!
    Yes indeed we need to be ware of the leaven of the pharisees. Heaven help us all... we tend to be hypocrites on a regular basis!