Monday, April 28, 2008

Jesus Wept

"When I brought myself to the pulpit to deliver the message...I wept. I wept for myself, the congregation, Christianity, and the world." Brad (The O-Filler)
I was sitting in church yesterday thinking randomly and and I thought about the blog that Brad (The O-Filler) posted called Everyone. I was thinking about what would happen if next time I taught, I got up and just allowed myself to cry. I say allowed because the Bible says inwardly all creation groans as in childbirth for the Day or something like that. I think that we need to allow ourselves to weep, we want to, we always have, we need to allow it. But if I were to allow myself to weep, maybe others in the church would allow themselves to weep. Then that would be the church service, and a good one at that. We sit and listen to talks, then sing some songs, then talk to some people, eat some snacks, then bye, bye. But isn't the Church about leaning together in a violent and turbulent world? If we were to weep together, we could heal together. There is too much fronting going on with Christians as if we are OK and have it all figured out. I will tell you this, there is no one that is OK. We are groaning inwardly, we are broken (Even if we don't feel broken) to our very core. A church that weeps together sees a glimpse of the face of God in each others tears. But we have to stop being so composed all the time. I know there is a time for order and a time for business, but how about a time to lose it? Like David did when he danced, like Jesus did when He wept or when he turned over the tables. We need a little emotion, a little fire to reach the world.


  1. "I know there is a time for order and a time for business, but how about a time to lose it?" I love this quote...I will be using this one. God bless my brother.

  2. I think that was my favorite line as well. I want to be able to lose it. And, "If we were to weep together, we could heal together." That sounds so true.
    I also loved that post of Brad's.

  3. It's just so hard to let go though sometimes. We're so scared of everyones judgements. People will never see us the same once we finally break down. It's so much easier to be perfect then real.

    That's why I like reading your words...they're real. I feel you speak truth and it's not always pretty. Which is life.