Sunday, April 6, 2008


My first and favorite Scottish Grandma
I am dysfunctional and I know it. I think that us why God put me with such a stable wife with a generally stable family ;) I was raised in an unstable environment with 2 family members to speak of, my mom and my brother. When I met Laura it was a culture shock for me, I used to spend every dime of my money, and call off work every time I got the itch to breathe fresh air, which was a lot. My wife though was the opposite, she was a picture of faithfulness and responsibility, so that didn't set too well with me because she couldn't understand for good reason why I was living like a nomad. She went to college right out of high school and stuck it out until she was done. I am still in college now because I thought my knowledge as a nomad with street cred would be enough to help me succeed. What I am lacking, God has given me in Laura and what she is lacking God has given her in me, it isn't much but what i do well, I do well...I think. God is good, I am about to go to church now to be with my brothers from other mothers, but we are of the same Father.


  1. that is very beautiful. you guys are lucky to be able to ackwoledge your differences as gifts to each other...very lucky.

  2. beautiful. i bless God for the work of His perfect hands