Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ah A New Pillow

Last night I was kept awake by the shear excitement that I was sleeping on a brand new Meijer bought, quilted top, white $12.99 pillow. It was fluffy, it wasn't firm and it had not been drooled on yet by me or my son. It smelled like something new, like when you change your sheets and pillowcases, that smell that makes you feel safe from Ebola. Anyways, it is a nice day in Michigan today, a good day to be a grizzly bear. This is now the third day in a row that we have had nice weather, so tomorrow there will be snow. That's how I like it though, I wouldn't have it any other way. The way Michigan weather changes constantly is tailor made for the way I feel I need to live. Today I have a beard, maybe tomorrow I will not. 2 weeks ago I had longer hair, today it is all shaved off, all done on a whim without any thought whatsoever. That is how I roll, I like spontaneous change. I like to move, I hate the packing and stuff, but the being somewhere new thing is awesome. I like to change the way I think too. This is harder because we tend to become stubborn and unteachable when we are set in our ways, but when God changes your mind, He changes your mind and everything else seems to follow at least with me. I had a small group last night and the topic was silence, only that was boring so we talked about capitalism and what it has done to this country. The more we spoke about it, the more I consider myself a socialist, not the communist variety, but of the variety where all people are cared for, where we all pay in and we all benefit. One particular issue I am debating with myself is health care reform. I will not be voting for Hillary this year because she endorses abortion and I think she is not very intelligent, but what I am intrigued by is the socialized health care system used in Canada. I have family in Canada and they love it, they pay more taxes, but they love it. My mom pays $510 for insurance here every month, that includes only 3 office visits and no brand name prescriptions. She just got done battling cancer and has several various other medical issues. She pays have of my mortgage on health care that does not pay out unless, she is dying. How is this OK for our country. The poor, who cannot afford to buy insurance don't get proper health care. Most are against the socialized health care because it raises taxes and makes our doctor waits longer while all of the people with no health care die. I think Jesus would be all for us giving our money to help the poor get medical help. I think having to wait in longer lines is a poor reason for not helping those in need. Insurance of every kind is corrupted, one of the biggest rip-offs ever. The law requires you to have Home-owners insurance, but unless your house burns down naturally, they won't pay you. The law requires you to have car insurance, but it will only pay for who you hits car to be repaired, unless you pay a ridiculous amount more per month in which you will never hurt your car as much as you are paying per month. The law does not require health insurance because our lives do require it. Doctors charge more due to insurance companies who charge more because of doctors fees. Something does have to change. Speaking of change, I realized just now that I was in a good mood, then I tangented and now I am frustrated. I will go cool down now.


  1. Michigan weather sounds a lot like Ohio weather.

  2. Did u read the book 'Running with Scissors' also? It's great, ten times better than the movie...really.

  3. No I haven't read it. I'll check it out.

  4. Hey, Silence isn't boring :D
    Seeking silence actually can be an aid to Spiritual formation! Have you ever read the Great Omission? There is a great section on Spiritual disciplines in there... actually the whole book is great for that topic!
    Dallas Willard is something else!

    New pillows and sheets make me giddy. I often feel like a little kid when I go to bed I riggle with the excitement of feeling the soft sheets and pillows... that is only heightened with new ones!

    Dude, with all that change, are you sure you don't need meds? haha! A little chemical emballance maybe?

    Anyway man, Good talking with you. I urge you to think about the stuff you put in your head. Redeeming endings and such aren't worth the junkola that goes into ones head when being entertained. Choose wisely brother!

    God bless you brother! I hope your week is going well! Thank you for your prayers by the way. My mother is going to be prayed over on Sunday.


  5. I understand where you're coming from, honest I do.

    I also have cancer and the medical bills are outrageous---and I have insurance. One year alone my out of pocket medical bills were $8000.

    I have a relative that recently had a (life-saving) operation that cost $24,000. The medical bill was excused due to his low income status. He owed the hospital and the doctors not one penny.

    I'm glad they were able to do that for him but, at the same time, I'm ticked off that I have to pay so much even when I have insurance. I feel like I end up paying more because there are so many who can't afford to. I only make 5000 more a year than my relative does. I'm not rich by any means.

    There has to be a better way.

  6. Since this post over a year ago, Obama has become president, mandated abortions for everyone on our dime and is trying to put it into law and force health professionals to pay perform them. I want everyone covered, but not at the expense of unborn children. This guy always has to ruin a good idea.