Monday, March 3, 2008

To Battle injustice

How do we fight the injustice in the world without resorting to the fowl ways in which some fight? I hate abortion, I hate it so bad, I would go to war gladly to end it, but I can't because judges believe it is our right to kill the innocent. I hate Americas court system, it is unfairly skewed towards certain races and genders, but I can't change it, can't even fight it in court. I hate the injustice being done in our government system, but you cannot fight the government. They preach at me to vote, so I vote and still lose and now they say at least I have the right to complain since I voted, but what does complaining help anyone when the world is out of it's mind with self indulgent interests? I think the answer doesn't involve hate, it doesn't involve violence, it involves love. Love more people to pave the way for others to love other people. Many people don't love others because they don't know what that means or looks like, they just need a model, not of the Americas Top persuasion, the role kind. My friends used to say I needed a role model growing up and I did. I think the advantage I had over some others who were raised in conventional and healthy families is that I didn't have any preconceived notions as to what love should look like from a grown man. So I read the Bible and saw what Jesus did for what He did, without the filter we process things through to understand them. I did as the Bible told me to, even if I did take some things literally that were meant to be metaphors, I was still loving. That is what the world lacks and what a Christian should be able to offer it, but we need models, they need models to follow and when people are loved, they listen more to those that love them and here is our front lines on battle. If you hate injustice, love others and teach them how Christ handled injustice by asking forgiveness to the criminals that hung Him...Us

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