Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Pat, You Are A Jerk, You Weren't Even Irish

You know what I hate about this holiday? The raping of Scottish culture to serve the Irish. I am a little Irish as well, but I am mostly Scottish and I believe William Wallace should return and take back out pipes, our kilts, our heritage from the Irish loving Americans who think that they are all the same. They are not the same, the Irish wore kilts, but they were long, they went to their feet, the Scottish kilts go just below the knees. The Great Pipes are also a Scottish thing stolen by Americans to serve the Irish, the Irish had little pipes that were used like whistles in pubs and watering holes, The Scottish played huge organ like pipes in the highlands that resonated throughout the country side. I think just about the only things the Scottish and Irish have in common are there relatively close location, the color green as found everywhere in both places, and their hatred of the English, other than that, Americans should get their facts right. You wouldn't call a Spanish person Mexican, or an Indian an Arab, so don't mix the Scottish and the Irish.

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