Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Today I am missing my beloved Christmas Miracle Beard. I am tempted to grow it back, but every time I get close to making the decision to grow it, I remember the summer is coming and a big beard is not great during the summer, so I will wait until fall. Anyways, so we were driving home from Kindergarden Round-Up tonight and as we pulled off of the schools street with all of the other parents behind us, some checks flew from the dashboard to the floor just below my legs and just out of my sight and reach, so my wife proceeded to turn on the interior lights and lean over almost laying her head on my lap to reach for the checks. Just then, this car from Caeden's class pulled up beside us and the guy looked at me and smiled a knowing smile. But he didn't know, what he saw was something that looked like a lewd act being done with our kids in the back seat. It was hilarious, but how are we ever going to go back to that school again?

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  1. if I'm being honest....

    i don't miss the beard too much. i like your baby face:)