Friday, March 7, 2008


I cannot trust my eyes. The thing about your eyes is that they see what your perception on that reality is. If you hate the cold and snow, when it snows, you see it as something bad. If you love the snow, it is beautiful and a gift from God. When in reality, it is always a gift from God, but we do not always perceive gifts that way, some gifts we experience pain through. I looked outside today, really looked and I saw something I haven't seen for a long time. I saw youth. I have always felt such longing when I remember what I experienced the day I realized that God was...and loved me. Today I looked out the window and I saw through those eyes again. Something is happening in me and I am going to share those things God is doing with you and those around me. I have missed the the eyes that really see the beauty in what God has done, both in creation, and in my life, instead I have been viewing the world through negative and angry lenses. So when something beautiful happens, it couldn't be real because nothing good is ever good for long. Today I disagree. The things I look at every day is real and good. I realized that you are looking at Jesus when you look at a homeless person. You are looking at Jesus when you see the elderly, and the crippled, and the imprisoned. Jesus was a revolutionary, as so should I be. Jesus did things out of the ordinary, and so should I. My heart is broken, but in the best way.

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