Thursday, March 6, 2008

Into The Wild

I just watch this movie last night and it has me thinking, which is the single thing I look for in my favorite movies. It was both sad and inspiring and reminded me that I am only going to live for a short time and will eventually run out of opportunity to do the things I think we all need to do, like see the ocean, visit the Grand Canyon and all of that stuff. It is harder now because I have kids and a wife and a job and school, but I don't think that is much of an excuse because you can live this way at home. Go out and experience something, take the time you would have spent on entertainment and go do something out of the ordinary because thats what stories are built on, they bring you memories that no one can ever take form you. In my small group a couple of my friends said that I have all of these crazy stories and one of them said all of his crazy memories were with me. That made me feel good because even thought there is so much I haven't seen or done, I have still done something. I have a lot to look back on, both bad and good, but do not regret any of them, even if it did wind me up in the clink.

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  1. This is absolutely one of my favourite films. I still have a flyer of it sitting on my desk here. Can't wait to see it agian, it comes out on DVD tomorrow and I am heading to buy it. Moving, brilliantly told and bvery besutifully shot. I gave it 9/10 and it deserved every bit