Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Am Finally Famous

7 Days. It was the amount of time the person who watched the tape in The Ring had to live. It is also the amount of days until I turn 30. Exactly 10 years after I turned 20. 2 Different decades, 2 separate feelings about it. I turned 20 ands I was thrilled, 30 not so much as thrilled as I am terrified. Not scared of 30 so much as I am 40, but you must hit thirty to get to 40 and here I am sitting on the doorstep to 50. I am a little dramatic I know, it isn't that bad, I am still young, I still remember stuff. My hair is all there and is still it's original color, I have not put on an old man beer gut, and I am in better shape now than I have ever been, but I am now another set of numbers altogether and I do not think I am going to like being seen as a 30 something. But oh well, no use getting all sobby about it I don't think, last year was hard, but life goes on and I got through it feeling pretty good for a 29 year old, so 30 will probably be no different. So this year, I am not going to sulk...much, over it. Though it would be nice if the just out of teenager land hair cutter girl didn't tell me I look good for my age ever again. Anyway, Happy Birthday Me! I have made it! Oh wait.

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