Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Flood

Can you imagine what it would be like to experience the flood that Noah did? You are sitting watching Family Guy or some other show or video game and you hear a noise. You write it off as being some raccoon that is ravaging your trash outside, only it sounds strangely like the world being ripped apart by water. But that doesn’t concern you, it doesn’t even concern you that it has been raining for 3 weeks non stop. Because you have that TV and anything else can go to the bad fire. Just then, your door is kicked in, not by another person, but by a mountain goat that has been washed away from the mountains some 500 miles away onto your doorstep, now into your living room. This is now alarming for you, mountain goats should not be allowed to do such things, so you run outside to see why he has found it so urgent to come inside and you see the water 20 stories high flooding in a giant wave toward you. You are shocked, you look at the wave, then at the goat, who is looking at you as if to say, “It was nice meeting you person”, so you look back as if to say, “Same here, I have never exchanged telepathy with a goat before”. The wave hits and everything you see is torn to shreds and you are washed away but are fortunate enough to grab onto a floating bed headboard, the very same one that Rose laid on in Titanic, it holds two people easily, but you cannot risk trying to help someone else. So you float for a week of storms and people perishing and screaming and eventually die of freezing because of the high altitude in which you have just floated up to. You go to meet God and ask Him, “Why would you do such a thing?” What does He say? “Because the earth was violent.”


  1. Manic and completely random. I like it. Actually I am a goat whisperer, and I don't mean to brag, but I totally would have known what he was trying to convey to me in that moment.

    When you have a 20 foot wave bearing down on you, there is no time for screwing around.

  2. With all respect in the world brianisarockstar, I have to disagree with the random part. I read this post and see a very deep understanding of a multitude of different issues. It took a lot of thought to be able to verbalize these issues in such a clever way. "But that is just my opinion, I could be wrong." :) Great post!!!