Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Is No Time To Wear A Tie

I am right now angry because I have mistakenly eaten a root beer Jelly Bean thinking it was chocolate. I do not much like the root beer ones. Anyways enough talk of things the Easter Bunny is concerned with. Church was packed to day, mostly with ritual Christians. The ones that attend on holidays or because they feel bad for not doing some sort of ritual for the Resurrection of Jesus. Do not get me wrong, I have been one of those, but what I don't understand is the need for ritual in the first place. Does it interest God, does it please Him? My mom came to church today and said Easter services are not what they used to be, but I remember what mine used to be. We would get up at 6 AM and got to a sunshine breakfast at the church, then have a service and some singing and some communion and everyone would get flowers, the kids would get palm leaves and Jesus is Risen...Risen Indeed pins and stickers, then out to eat and home for an Easter power nap. While I still take the power nap, I have no need to traditions or rituals. I respect religious practices, even the unnecessary ones, but I have no need for them. I dressed up for church today, but I do not see that God cares at all about what we look like, my mom argues that God wants to see the effort from us with our dress, but I look at John The Baptist and I have to disagree. We are in reality, we are dressing up for people which is fine to do, but realize that God does not care what we wear, His intention was no clothes at all until we ruined that. I am just sick of dressing up for people. I have to look a certain way to fit into how people want to see me. It is peculiar because most people would be made fun of for not dressing up, today I did and I was criticized. I usually wear jeans and a t-shirt because that's how I roll, but I wanted to dress up today and the church acted like they were shocked or even that I sold out, and yes, I am being mellow dramatic but that is because I had a relatively good day and good days are boring to write about. I miss a lot of people today. I miss the past. I am excited about the future, but there is that part of me.


  1. I dont think God cares what you wear either but appreciates doing your best so if for that day you feel like you are putting forth more effort then usual...He gets it. The Bible does say something along the lines of doing everything at 100% in appreciation of Him right? But then again, I am of the opinion he doesn't care if I go to church either...esp if i am a seasonal christian, how much meaning could I possibly have being there? I dunno..
    ps - does the Bible say anything about swearing?

  2. It talks about speaking or not speaking using course language, but I really don't know what that entails.