Thursday, February 28, 2008

Turning 30

I feel a little better today despite the fact that in only 13 days I will be older than I had ever imagined I would want to be. It isn't so bad though i guess, everyone has to be 30 someday, granted God lets them live that long, but 30 never was the problem. It is the shadow of 40 that scares me. When I was small, I could not wait to age, and it seemed it took so long between birthdays. But now I look back to yesterday and I was 5 years old arm wrestling the masked wrestler at Showbiz. Makes me scared that tomorrow I wake up and I am 40 and my hair has turned grey and I have little brown spots forming on my hands. My wife and I watch Scott Baio Is 46 and pregnant on TV, I am not sure why, the show sucks and I can't stand Scott Baio. But I watch anyway. He is so old though, and I feel scared to death watching it, like he used to be an idol for kids, now he is gross. I mention my favorite band Counting Crows to my students and most of them do not know who they even are, which is sad because they are missing out. But to them I listen to oldies. Pretty funny though, this getting old. My wife has plan a huge party for me, I am actually excited about that, we will eat at my favorite restaurant, (New Peking) then go to a little hole in the wall pub (The Cloverleaf) that I like, to do Karaoke which I love, and they must all sing with me. Then on my birthday I get a tattoo I have been wanting for a while now. I have this tattoo on my chest of a little boy burning in a house that has been boarded up, and he is looking out the window at the flames unable to escape. Draw your own conclusions, but it is unfinished. I am getting on my back, behind it the same house burned to the ground with the little boy standing unharmed in the rubble looking up at the sky in wonder, also draw your own conclusions. Well thats all for now, I will leave you with this great video though.

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