Thursday, February 7, 2008

To Impress A Girl

I was going through my ipod yesterday and listening to different songs that drudge up different memories to reflect on and as I was doing so I came across a song that was referring to God stirring the ocean and making waves. That led me to think, who was the first person to step foot in the ocean? With all of that water and pressure and weight that the ocean holds, wouldn't you be scared to death that you would be crushed at first contact with it. Or how did they know there were not sea monsters waiting for them to get in, there have always have been sharks you know, they ate people then and still eat people today. That guy that first put his toes in is a hero or a monster to be damned for millions of sea deaths over history. That day was more historic than Neil Armstrong's first step onto the moon. More historic than Martin Luther King's, I Have A Dream speech, more historic even than the iphone. That day was the day. Maybe it was a Tuesday and the guy or girl fell in by accident during a dare in which he or she was trying to impress someone, he fell and he survived, he becomes a hero or a villain, depending on your take on the ocean. That is all, keep buying foreign Detroit, we will soon make history too.

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