Wednesday, February 6, 2008

James Michael

James Michael is a little boy that we have taken into our home because apparently last Sunday at church this child was left behind by his parents as they left for Florida forever. At least that was the story we got out of Caeden as he explained how his new invisible friend James Michael happened to be sitting next to me on the couch, unbeknownst to me. We talked to him about it and tried to figure out if he was only pretending or if he really believed James existed, apparently he really does believe this to be true. So our next question was why he picked a name that was so similar to George Michael, he had no answer. We did some research to find out that imaginary friends are not only normal, but can be healthy. The doctors went on to explain that imaginary friends are usually used as a tool to deal with certain issues that socially advanced children are thinking about, yet not able to understand, like death, and in Caeden's case being left behind by your parents. It is alarming for me to see such worry about something that would never happen to my son, but the research shows that the kids are merely trying to work out something they do not understand. So am I. Caeden also says that James is brown with yellow hair, so this is what we think he looks like. Except with yellow hair.

Funny kid


  1. James Michael probably looks like Dennis Rodman when he had that yellow hair thing going on...and do you think it is a coincidence that Caeden's imaginary friend's last name is the same as Caeden's best friend? My imaginary friend was named Andy Pandy...wonder where he is now. This is Mary Anne, but the way!

  2. Or this is a trait handed down by his crazy mother who had 2 imaginary friends. They both looked just like her brother with red hair and freckles. They were named Jody and Buffy. They both moved away to Scotland and broke her heart.

  3. My daughter, who is now nine, did not have an imaginary friend, but rather a Madame Alexander doll named Megan whom I believe she loved more than us when she was five. She talked to her like she was alive all the time. It was really sweet.

    Then we got our dog from the pound, went away for a couple hours, came back and Megan's arms and feet were completely chewed off.

    My daughter cried like someone had shot her dog .... actually that is what she wanted