Thursday, January 3, 2008

In Search Of Whales

Gray whales migrate farther than any other known animal, about 12,000 miles every year. The blue whale's heart that weighs 1,300 lbs and only beats about ten times per minute. (By comparison, the human heart beats at least 70 times per minute.)

It takes a lot to stay in one place. It takes a lot of heart and soul and perseverance. You look at the whale, it has the biggest heart of all and beats the least, maybe that is why they never stay in one place for any period of time. They are elusive because they do not make much noise, they rise to the surface to breathe then back to the abyss quietly moving from one place to another. What makes them so restless? Could be their need to keep moving to pull in food, or it could be they do not have the patience or heart that it takes to stick it out in one place. Neither do most of us. Our fathers leave us because they have no heart, our children leave us because they have no time, our friends leave us because they have no money. What is so bad about hanging around for a bit, calling someplace home and treating others as family living here. Why can't we make friends with the guy who works at the Tim Hortons down the street, or the waitress serving us? We should. We should make that effort instead of glossing over people like useless facts while studying. We should take the time to get to know a person because we may be missing out on who they are and how they may change you. Friends are pretty precious things to have, especially the ones you can count on to be there for you. But if we pick up and leave everything unfinished or even untouched we will never know that, they will just be facts that we have glossed over in search of something important, In search of whales.

I was the first person in the world to say Sipowitz in 2008

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