Monday, January 7, 2008

The Anatomy Of A Bad Mood

I am having a crappy couple of days. I feel tired and weak, I don't feel like doing anything which is weird because usually weather changes make me happy. I was reading an article today in Men's Health that said that moods and emotions are caused not by your brain, but by the way your body adapts to it's surroundings. Which is why so many get bad days in the middle of the winter and so many are happy during spring. The article says that if you want to change your mood change how you react to your surroundings, like look at the color blue, which I guess is a calming color or force a smile because if you do this enough your emotions will follow. This is the one that is a little hard to swallow for me. Most of my life I have been faking smiles like some moron rodeo clown running around in a pink too too with a purple crown. Maybe it doesn't apply to people who are chronically in a bad mood or depressed, or maybe that is just me. But I find it hard to fake smiles anymore for any reason, the older I get, the less I care about others thinking that I have it all together, I become more transparent with age due to my increased laziness in not having the energy to put on the wig and floppy shoes to jump around for people. Maybe I am getting the flu and that explains the spike in hormones and Z rays and angry vapor that surrounds me lately.

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