Monday, December 3, 2007


It is amazing to think of a God that repairs. Seriously. You look at your life and you look really hard and you see what God allows you to see, and what I see is all of the things that I have messed up. I look at all of the things that God has put into my life and given to me to care for. I have messed up everything. The things God gives us are perfect, it is us who makes them cheap. God gives us spouses and relationships and sex and we cheapen it and ourselves by using it improperly. God gives us gifts and we cheapen them by using them for selfish gain or ambition. God gives us money and we blow it on things that could pay for antire countries to drink clean water. But what is amazing about God is that after all we have done to what He has given us to be perfect, He forgives and restores, over and over again He repairs. Why? I cannot get it, at least I couldn't until I had kids and realized that when my son messes up and breaks something, I do not get pissed too badly. He will break something and he usually is so sad when it happens and I look at him and he is sad and imperfect and full of remorse and I repair. He breaks and I repair again and again. And I absolutely love it. My daughter on the other hand breaks things without remorse, she does it for fun, and yet still, I do not disown her, I repair and train her not to break things. Either way, God repairs for His own glory.

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