Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Movie

Started editing the movie a week ago. We are editing every night during the week and doing a scene a night. I am really happy with the way the thing is coming along. The video looks great, most of the audio is where I want it, the rest we will overdub. The story is being shown well and the acting is good. I couldn't be happier, except if we were finished. It is weird how much of a puzzle it is. We shot the whole thing out of sequence and at several times of the year and here we sit with all of this footage in all kinds of places and piecing it together, and it looks like a movie. There have been many times I have regretted even starting this project, the time it has taken away from my family, the work it takes to get everyone together, and the frustration of waiting on schedules, not to mention the work of filming and editing itself. But today is not one of those days, because I am starting to see the fruits of my labor and I am happy. In the end, I will have written, co-directed, acted in, scored, etc. a full length feature film. My only hope is that this movie glorifies God above all else, and that some will think about life and maybe change for the better.

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