Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve

Ten years ago, I would have been sitting on a bar stool alone, drinking gasoline until I fell off. I would have then after being cut off, try another bar, then take a walk around Wyandotte and look in all of the windows and watch happy families laugh while the lights on the houses danced around me. Christmas wasn't a happy time for me then, but still one of my favorite days which is messed up altogether. It was cold inside and out for me and I wished I could feel like those families did sitting in those windows, but for me they were like the display windows in expensive stores that I could never afford to buy from, they were models to me and I never could have believed that one day I would be one of them, but here I am, sitting in a window with my wife and kids, and family and friends, warm watching the same lights dance around me, but this time I am seeing them from the inside. It is beautiful. God is beautiful. Christmas is all about Jesus, yet Jesus made it all about us, He was born so that He could die and save us. So God repairs and brings broken people from the outside to the inside. May God bless you this year and show you what it is like on the inside.

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